The Casino Elrancho was Originaly Born was Managed by a Jewish American Native Family in the mid 80s until taken over by a Haitian Company May 2 1992, Untill this day.

As the gaming industry around the wordl evolved and been growing since then, The casino elrancho has Also Elvolved in its owns way throught the years in terms of hardware, management systems and customer service programs.

The year 2013 will be an important periode for this institution , du to the fact it will be marked by several important changes concerning almost all the departments for gaming and Customer service improvements. Thus, Taking the Casino Elrancho closer to the current gaming industry Level.




No firearm

Prohibited to minors

No sleeveless shirt

No short pants or sandals for men.




Haitian Currency can be Expressed in 2 Ways:

1) Haitian Gourdes (‘’HTG”):

1$US = 89 HTG

2)Haitian Dollar (“HTD”):

1$US = 95 HTD

The Haitian Currency we use in our casino is the Haitian Dollar (HTD).



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